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7 benefits of Soursop leaves for health

7 benefits of Soursop leaves for health
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7 benefits of Soursop leaves for health – the soursop Tree has the latin name Annona Muricata is a plant that can grow in the tropics.

Not only delicious to consume, soursop fruit is often used as a medicine to cure and prevent various diseases, because it contains a lot of vitamin and nutrition is good for the body.

But did you know, in addition to the fruit, soursop leaf is also known for having many benefits?

For years, scientists have examined the efficacy and benefits of soursop leaves. Just as the fruit, soursop leaf also has plenty of vitamin and nutrient content are very useful for health.

Indonesia's own people also believe in the efficacy of water decoction of soursop leaves as traditional medicine, some of which are: the benefits of soursop leaf to cholesterol, lung, ovarian cysts, and kidneys.

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Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Body's Health

The following are some of the benefits of drinking the decoction of soursop leavesyou should know:


Many cancer therapy alternative medicine that uses soursop leaves as a substitute for chemotherapy to treat cancer. In soursop leaves contained lipid nutrition groups such as acid, genticic acid, lignoceric, and stearate.

These nutrients are able to kill cells is not good in the body and works 100 timesmore effective than chemotherapy.

For the therapy of cancer treatment, soursop leaves usually boiled with water to a boil. Water decoction of soursop leaves should be consumed every day for 3-4 weeks to visible results.

Therapy using soursop leaves usually applied in patients with early stage cancer, because cancer cells at the stadium is still weak and has not spread.

But it would be nice if the traditional treatment of this cancer are done in conjunction with modern medicine from a doctor.


body can treat cancer, soursop leaf is also proven to prevent the growth of tumor cells. According to the study, the content of lactone and lipids in soursop leaves can kill tumor cells and prevent the development of the parasite in the body.

Treatment of tumors in hospitals are very expensive price, would not hurt trying toharness the soursop leaves to prevent the growth of tumor cells.
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skin and acne is a skin problem often encountered women face. But did you know, turns out soursop leaves have the ability to eliminate blackheads and pimples?

One of the causes of blackheads and acne is dust mixed with bacteria.

In soursop leaves there are nutritional isoquinoline.

According to the study, isoquinoline in soursop leaves serve as an antidote to the virus and bacterial substances.

To prevent the appearance of blackheads and pimples, you can pound soursop leaves and using it as a mask. Use mask soursop leaves on a regular basis at least once a week to get the maximum results.

You also do not have to bother to a salon to get a facial skin smooth, soft and radiant.

In addition it contains isoquinoline, soursop leaf also contains vitamin c. Vitamin C is proven capable of maintaining the health of the skin of your face and make your face look brighter.

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uric acid usually appear due to no share of the acid levels in the body and poisoning of the blood vessels.

Content of lipids in soursop leaves believed can lower levels of excessive acid in the body and cure diseases of uric acid.


not only can cure the gout, soursop leaf also proved to be able to cure rheumatic diseases. Same is the case with the gout, rheumatic diseases arising due to not share the level of acid in the body.

To solve it, you can improve the nutritional intake of lipids with routine consume processed soursop leaves, so that the levels of acid in the body is balanced.
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Back Pain historically has been known as a natural remedy to treat back pain.

Content of lactone, lipids, and vitamins in soursop leaves proved to be able to cope with and treat the back pain is usually experienced by people who are already aged.

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The fresh body mentioned earlier, soursop leaves contain nutrients lactone, lipids and isoquinoline.
According to research, the content is functioning as antioxidants that can ward off the growth of parasites, viruses, and bacteria in the human body. Soursop leaf has the nutrients content of third and make it believed to boost the immune system.

If the immune system increases, automatically you will be spared from the various diseases that can harm health.

To avoid and are free from disease, you can drink the water decoction of leaves of soursop are routinely at least three times a week.

Well, that's some of the benefits of soursop leaves and drank to the health of However, you should not overdo when consuming soursop leaves, because in addition to nourish, soursop leaves also have side effects such as nausea, body, leading to limping, and headaches.

Everything that is excessive is not good.

To get the usefulness and benefits of soursop leaf to its full potential, don't overdo it when consuming processed soursop leaves. Hopefully, the above information is helpful.
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