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Benefits of baby Oil for Adult

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Talking baby oil it is always synonymous with oil for babies. Soothing properties are present on the baby oil is perfect for baby's skin still tend to be sensitive. But baby oil, may wear adult?

Experts reveal, adults who have sensitive skin is highly recommended to use baby oil to make skin more supple and soft. Baby oil owned properties almost on par with olive oil when viewed in terms of its benefits.

Benefits of baby Oil for Adult

While baby oil used adults, we recommend that you mix it with some essential oils such as almond oil, lavender and so on. Further, the following uses for baby oil on the skin of adults.

Benefits of Baby Oil for Skin

1. Soften skin

Apply baby oil on dry skin to be more tender when touched. You can massage the body with baby oil once a week to get the maximum results.

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2. Brighten skin

Yes, dull skin was able to overcome just by rubbing baby oil. Baby oil is able to reduce the production of excess oil while simultaneously offering more radiant skin.

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3. Great for sensitive skin

Baby oil is the safest product and gives no side effects for those who have sensitive skin.

Another Great Benefits of Baby Oil

4. Remove the make up

Maybe you do not know well that baby oil can also remove makeup. Pretty squirt baby oil on a cotton swab and apply it on the face in particular parts of the eye as a make up remover. After wearing it, don't forget to massage for a moment.

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5. Good for nails

The cuticle can be pampered and softened by using baby oil. Using the oil gently on nails also will make it shine naturally.

Baby Oil to Heal cracked heels
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6. Baby Oil to Heal cracked heels

Cracked heels can be cured with massaging the heels with baby oil. First, soak the feet in hot soapy water. Rub your heels with a homemade scrub. Foot washing with clean water and pat dry. Then, gently massage the cracked heels with baby oil.

7. Get rid of dandruff

In addition, baby oil also helps get rid of the problem of dandruff and dry scalp. Baby oil can also make hair appear more shine

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Benefits of Leaves of Mangoes for Human Health

Benefits of Leaves of Mangoes
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Benefits of Leaves of Mangoes for Human Health - If you hear a manga fruit, of course, all know the sweet taste of fruit that sometimes exist only in certain seasons. In addition, there are many benefits of mangoes that we can get from the fruit we consume. But if you hear of mango leaves are beneficial to health, of course, still a few people know.

As I said earlier, there are still a few people know what the benefits of mango leaves to health. Therefore, I will inform you what are the benefits for the health of mango leaves. Mango leaves alone we can find a lot around the house. Well, so we could make our own medicine through mango leaves.

Benefits Leaves Mango


1. Reduces Pain Diabetic Angiopathy

Angiopathy Diabetes is one disease that is deadly. The disease attacks the blood vessels of the patient around the pancreas. However, with mango leaves, you can reduce the pain of Diabetes Angiopathy this. You can use mango leaves as a powder, then made tea that eventually you for the Diabetes sufferers.

2. For Lowering High Blood Pressure

Not many people know that the mango leaves is also beneficial for lowering high blood pressure. Consuming tea with mango leaf powder can reduce blood pressure.

3. Refreshing Body and Treat Restless

Mango leaves also can be useful for those of you who feel uneasy. To eliminate it, is easy enough. Add two to three cups of tea leaves of the mango into your bath water. Bathe as usual, then after a shower you will feel more refreshed and anxiety is reduced. Herbl bath is highly recommended to curate feeling stiff and too sluggish.

Benefits of Leaves of Mangoes for Fertility Husband and Wife
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4. Benefits of Leaves of Mangoes for Fertility Husband and Wife

One benefits of mango leaves are rarely known to the general public. Mango leaves also have a function to enrich the couple. The way is easy, simply puree two spring onions and mango leaves to taste. Then mix with half a glass of warm water, then pour. The herb drink regularly.

5. Treat Gout

Leaves of mango in addition to treating diabetes, you can also use it to treat gout. Quite easy, mango leaves brewed in hot water, then pour. Potions can add honey or sugar to taste. You can also smooth mango leaves to make it easier.

6. Helps relieve cough and colds.

even cough and colds are only common disease that caused by lowering immune system is still disturbing daily activity. with Benefits of mangoes leaves you can treat that disease easily.

7. Helps relieve asthma.

How To Consume Very Easy namely: Pick a few pieces of mango leaves, wash thoroughly and then chopped, freshly dried until dry, store in a dry place and take 2 teaspoons then brewed with 1 cup hot water.

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Benefits of Having Sex Regularly For Pregnant Woman

Benefits of Having Sex Regularly For Pregnant Woman
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Benefits of Having Sex Regularly For Pregnant Woman - Intimate relationships are done regularly and properly, even though the mother was pregnant though, have positive benefits for both husband and wife.

Benefits of Having Sex

Here are the benefits of intercourse during pregnancy that Mama did not know:

1. Eliminate stress.

Similarly, when eating chocolate and go on vacation, sex can lower blood pressure and trigger the release of endorphins in the brain substance that serves to control stress and emotional disturbances.

2. Benefits intercourse during pregnancy = Reduces pain.

Hormones released during achieve orgasm can reduce the pain. Back pain, tension in the neck, and headache that usually affects pregnant women due to hormonal, will be lost after orgasm is achieved.

3. Enhance immunity.

Sexual intercourse also triggers the release of the hormone DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), which works to increase immunity. Some studies reveal, someone who has sex regularly (2-3 times a week) higher levels of IgA his (antibodies in the body) than those who do not routinely have sex (never, once a week, or more than three times a week ).

Benefits of Having Sex Regularly to  Burn calories.
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4. Burn calories.

Sex is the same with exercise. In fact, having sex for 30 minutes can burn 85 calories. This is equivalent to walking approximately 2 miles.

5. Improving heart health.

Sex work on strength and balance muscles of the heart. The study states, sexual intercourse on a regular basis in a week can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Mother's heart strength is also required in preparation for a normal delivery.

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6. Increasing confidence.

Women who are pregnant are usually not confident with his body deformed. However, a sex therapist stated, by having sex can boost your confidence, because it will feel better and accept the state of his body.

7. Deepen relationships.

Sexual intercourse strengthens the bond and intimacy of husband and wife. When having sex, you and your partner will each receive a touch of intimate affection, so as to increase the release of the hormone oxytocin which serves to develop sexual desire. Regularly oxytocin release may help encourage frequent lovemaking.

8. Improve the quality of sleep.

Increased hormone oxytocin in the body is believed to improve sleep quality. On the other hand, sufficient quality sleep can provide positive energy for our activities tomorrow.

9. Reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Regular ejaculation in men aged 20 years can reduce the risk of prostate cancer later in old age. Regular ejaculation capable of cleaning fluid produced by the prostate gland, this is what reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

10. Strengthening the pelvic muscles.

For women, having sex on a regular basis can help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These exercises strengthen the pelvic muscles known as Kegel exercises. These exercises also help improve the lives of passionate sex with a partner that can reduce the risk of uterine prolapse (hernia) in the old days later.

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Benefits Drinking Water Before Sleep

Benefits Drinking Water Before Sleep
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This article is discussing about the amazing benefits of the content of the fresh water we drink regularly every day. Our bodies need a lot more in the daily intake of water. The amount of water we need to drink different, depending on body weight, type of work or activity and also the weather climate in our living space each. But the ideal is around 8 glasses per day. In addition we are at the recommended drink water throughout the day, it turns out there was a reason why the water is very good to drink before bedtime.

Extraordinary Benefits Drinking Water Before Sleep Regularly

 Some bad effects if the body of water shortage or lack of drinking water is dehydration. There are several other symptoms caused by lack of drinking water, including nausea often felt like vomiting, nausea and dizziness can even cause unconsciousness. Well, for you all never lazy to always used to drink water, at least one glass before bed at night.

What Functions Fresh water?

Water will control the temperature in our bodies. The more numerous and dense activity in your day, then it is advisable to drink plenty of water. This water will be returned in the form of sweat, urine and also energy that is issued by our body.

Lots of Pure Water Benefit For Body Health, and is also recommended for Drinking Water In The Morning or on waking. In addition to drink water before going to bed at night also has many outstanding benefits for the body and health. Please see below.

1. Beneficial To Health Organ

Specifically, drink a glass of water before bed can help keep the skin moist body. And benefits for organ in our body is to maintain healthy kidneys, keep the joints in order to avoid inflammation and also making us sleep more soundly. How pretty easy:

  •  Provide and drink a glass of warm water or plain water with no ice (not cold water from the fridge)
  •  After you drink, then try to go straight to bed
"Water is the source of natural detoksin, which can help remove toxins from our body"

2. Help Against Various Diseases

Used to drink a glass of water before you go to bed can help reduce the risk of our body to be attacked by various diseases and infections. With enough sleep between 6 to 8 hours every night, coupled with the habit of drinking water before bed can maintain the health of our bodies. The water we drink this will help get rid of toxic substances that settles in our bodies, which are at risk of becoming the kind of disease. Try and make it a habit to drink water before bed so you healthier and fitter when I wake up tomorrow.

3. Intake of Energy for the Body

When you wake up, your body will be more fit and vibrant, this dikarena water also plays a role as a shaper of muscle, burn fat and help stabilize the temperature on our bodies. So we got up in a healthy state fitter and fresher. So ... no word lazy again to wake up in the morning.
Benefits Drinking Water Before Sleep to Lose Weight
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4. Lose Weight

For those of you who are undergoing the process of dieting, then try to sleep enough and drink a glass of water before bed.

5. Prevent Body From Dehydration

In our normal hours of sleep between 6 to 8 hours every night, we did not eat and drink. Until automatically, your body will become dehydrated, which is why it is important to drink enough water every day, especially very good drinking water before you go to bed. As this will help your body avoid dehydration while sleeping

That is why it is important to drink before bed. Unfortunately, few people know about the benefits of drinking water while the evenings. Many people who experience sleep disturbances, waking up at night due to thirst and dehydration, is due reluctant to drink water before going to bed.