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Benefits of baby Oil for Adult

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Talking baby oil it is always synonymous with oil for babies. Soothing properties are present on the baby oil is perfect for baby's skin still tend to be sensitive. But baby oil, may wear adult?

Experts reveal, adults who have sensitive skin is highly recommended to use baby oil to make skin more supple and soft. Baby oil owned properties almost on par with olive oil when viewed in terms of its benefits.

Benefits of baby Oil for Adult

While baby oil used adults, we recommend that you mix it with some essential oils such as almond oil, lavender and so on. Further, the following uses for baby oil on the skin of adults.

Benefits of Baby Oil for Skin

1. Soften skin

Apply baby oil on dry skin to be more tender when touched. You can massage the body with baby oil once a week to get the maximum results.

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2. Brighten skin

Yes, dull skin was able to overcome just by rubbing baby oil. Baby oil is able to reduce the production of excess oil while simultaneously offering more radiant skin.

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3. Great for sensitive skin

Baby oil is the safest product and gives no side effects for those who have sensitive skin.

Another Great Benefits of Baby Oil

4. Remove the make up

Maybe you do not know well that baby oil can also remove makeup. Pretty squirt baby oil on a cotton swab and apply it on the face in particular parts of the eye as a make up remover. After wearing it, don't forget to massage for a moment.

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5. Good for nails

The cuticle can be pampered and softened by using baby oil. Using the oil gently on nails also will make it shine naturally.

Baby Oil to Heal cracked heels
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6. Baby Oil to Heal cracked heels

Cracked heels can be cured with massaging the heels with baby oil. First, soak the feet in hot soapy water. Rub your heels with a homemade scrub. Foot washing with clean water and pat dry. Then, gently massage the cracked heels with baby oil.

7. Get rid of dandruff

In addition, baby oil also helps get rid of the problem of dandruff and dry scalp. Baby oil can also make hair appear more shine

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